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Introduction Geometry Dash APK

Do you like playing dangerous games and need to escape? The number of such games is huge and they are easily available on Google Play Store.

But do you know what is different and best among all these games? This is Geometry Dash APK, a modern and fun type of game when you are really bored.

The game features a character who specifically walks and jumps around the level to protect himself from obstacles. Barriers come in a variety of types and are installed on the ground and in the air.

So the hero has to move carefully and try to win the level without hitting any of these obstacles. In addition, you can also enjoy unlimited levels in this game, so you can play the game forever.

Did you like this game and wish to learn more? Together, let’s study it and identify what this game’s primary feature is.

In particular, this game offers great things that you won’t have to think twice about downloading it. Here we cover full set of Geometry Dash APK guides.

An exclusive Custom Level Feature in Geometry Dash Download

There is also a user level feature. Here users can create their own levels. The custom level mode installed in Geometry Dash APK 2019 can be accessed by other players.

You can practice before starting the game because each level has a different feature called practice mode. The training level mode helps warm up your fingers and mentally prepare you for the level you want.

Now you must be attractive enough to try this game. So what are we waiting for? Get Geometry Dash APK full version now for free.

geometry dash-apk

How to play Geometry Dash APK Mod?

The level of difficulty increases with each subsequent level of the game. The game’s speed is out of your control. To avoid obstacles, your sole control is direction. Obstacles can be avoided by controlling the jump. Different obstacles have different moves and difficulties to make it more interesting. Click here to Get New Games

In addition, users can play the game in different difficulty Modes:

Of course,
this is challenging.
This is challenging,
Devil Brew.

How to run Geometry Dash APK?

All you have to do is jump and cross the danger. Use your skills and abilities so much that you can jump, spin and cross dangerous roads and obstacles. All you need to do is download Geometry Dash APK on your Windows phones and devices and enjoy hours of fun.

This is a very simple touch game with several levels. Once you start playing, no one will stop you until you reach the end.

What is Geometry Dash APK?

Geometry Dash APK is a game about overcoming obstacles by continuously jumping and running. There are obstacles above and below so you have to be careful as a player in this game. The game consists of a character going through a level and trying not to run into any of these obstacles. The character earns this amount as a reward for winning a level.

This bonus money can be used to buy new items and unlock new items in the game. If you can’t wait long and want to get these items as soon as possible, download Geometry Dash Modded APK in which you will now get all items unlocked for unlimited money.

geometry dash

What is Geometry Dash Mod APK?

This is the hacked version of Geometry Dash that is played online. It provides free access to all game content and additional items paid for in the regular version of the game. For example, if you want to unlock a new item in this game, you will get it for unlimited money.

Not only that, Geometry Dash APK has a lot of interesting things for you to try. It is a great game with many great features and different game modes for players of all ages and skills.

What are the changes in Geometry Dash APK?

Geometry Dash APK has some special game modes like Practice, Easy, Normal, Hard, Crazy and Devil. All these mods are designed for people of different classes and different levels of play so that they can play accordingly without any problem.

How to get Geometry Dash on Android for free?

You can download Geometry Dash for Android for free by downloading it from the Google Play Store or from this site. Both sources are 100% original and safe to download this game.

Is there an age limit for Geometry Dash APK?

Geometry Dash APK has an age rating of 4+ because it is not a harmful game for anyone. It is a creative game that can be played by anyone, regardless of age.

Does Geometry Dash Download Apk have ads?

Yes, Geometry Dash contains pop-up ads and video-like ads. You can get rid of these ads by purchasing an in-app purchase to block ads, or by downloading an advanced version of Geometry Dash to avoid ads.


Features of Geometry Dash APK

  • Many levels with different music.
  • Unlock new icons to customize your character.
  • Create your own levels and share them with other users using the level editor.
  • Practice in the new training mode to improve your skills.
  • No problems with in-app purchases.
  • Get a huge amount of achievements and rewards.
  • You can also update your app to the full version of Geometry Dash APK and get new features for your game:
  • New icons and color effects
  • You can participate in weekly evil trials.
  • You can sort the levels.
  • You can use new chests to reach the next levels.
  • Take full advantage of the level leaderboard to progress through the game.

geometry dash download

Interesting game

This game has interesting gameplay based on it. This amazing game is fun for everyone as it involves a hero who will overcome all obstacles to reach the goal. You are the main character of the game where you can run, jump and complete all the levels to earn your rewards. This is the weirdest but most important thing in this game geometry dash download.

Attractive Graphics

This geometry dash apk game is completely based on 2D graphics model which is very stunning to look at. The game and its entire screen looks so attractive and amazing that users can’t decide which is real and which is gaming experience.

Everything in this game looks so real and magical that for a moment you will think you are watching a scene from a movie. Geometry dash download game looks really amazing because of its graphics as the color mixing and matching is very impressive.

Crossing Barriers

The main and most important thing to do in this game is to overcome all the obstacles that you see in this game. These obstacles are on the ceiling and floor that can collide with you. All you have to do is stay safe and avoid such obstacles. You can easily cross it and reach your destination without touching anything.


Geometry dash apk has countless levels that never end. There are many levels that you will get tired of playing, but obviously not all levels will end this way. You have to play more and more to complete more levels and progress further in this game. This is the reason people play it because it has endless levels that won’t end anytime soon.

Different Game Modes

The game modes are the best thing about this game as they are tailored for all types of players. You don’t need to play aggressively unless you are ready for a certain level. If you want to learn this game, you can easily switch to practice mode. Get Geometry dash download for free…..

If you are a beginner, you will have easy and natural poses. If you’re a pro and want to challenge yourself, hard, crazy and brutal modes will test your skills. High skills are required to play this game and complete all the tasks because a common person will not be able to play and win in such modes.

Win Awards.

You can win many rewards by winning all the levels and challenges in this game. Earning such rewards is not at all difficult in geometry dash apk, as for each successful walk you will receive many rewards. In this way you can get a lot of rewards and money in this game which you can use to buy different items in this game. This is the biggest motivation for any player to continue playing this game.

Practical mode

A simple learning mode is also part of Geometry Dash Apk, so users who are completely new to the game can learn it while playing. It is good for new users and they can definitely enjoy this game because of this amazing learning mode. Whether a child, teenager or adult, anyone who wants to learn the game and see everything about it can enter the practice mode and continue playing and learning.

geometry dash free latest version

Free to download

This game is completely free to download and that is definitely one of its best features. You can use it for free and get it for free from this website from any source like Google Play Store.

An Exciting game

It is a totally addictive game that anyone can play. You can always get addicted to this game and you will never want to stop playing it. It has many levels so it becomes a very addictive game and users keep playing it continuously.


Geometry Dash APK is an amazing game for everyone because people of all ages can easily play it. This game is undoubtedly loved by many people as it continues to win people’s hearts. Are you excited to play this game?

Well you should be because this is a great game for everyone. Download Geometry dash download this game now from our website by following the link on this page.

After playing for a while, come back to the same page to share your comments about this game. We would definitely love to read what you have to say about this game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who made the Geometry Dash APK?

RobTop Games is the creator of Geometry Dash APK.

Q: What is Geometry Dash APK’s content rating?

Geometry Dash APK has a content rating of 3+, which means that children above the age of 3 can play it without any restrictions. click

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How to install Geometry Dash Apk 2.111 Download [Free Latest Version] APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Geometry Dash Apk 2.111 Download [Free Latest Version] APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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